23 Tribute Bands

2U —— U2
Abbalanche —— ABBA
Abbey Rode —— The Beatles
AC-DShe —— AC/DC
Alike Cooper —— Alice Cooper
Black Stabbath —— Black Sabbath
By Jovi —— Bon Jovi
Fab Faux —— The Beatles
Fake No More —— Faith No More
Four Fighters —— Foo Fighters
Led Zepagain —— Led Zippelin
Mandonna —— Mandonna
Once More Into The Bleach —— Blondie
Phil Haley and His Comments —— Bill Haley & The Comets
Sack Blabbath —— Black Sabbath
Sample Minds —— Simple Minds
Sisters Of Murphy —— Sisters Of Mercy
Stereophonies —— Stereophonics
Stung —— Sting
Textas —— Texas
The Rolling Clones —— The Rolling Stones
Tin Lizzy —— Thin Lizzy
Who’s Who —— The Who



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